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It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the fraternity of the Ram Devi Jindal institute and I extend my good wishes for a happy stay in Ram Devi Jindal Group.

The Ram Devi Jindal Group of Colleges embraces academic breath and intellectual depth in theEngineering and Management streams of education. The teaching in the institute is undertaken by highly qualified faculty, experienced in generating a learning environment which is supplementedby multicultural student community and sylvan surroundings. Further proximity to a multi dimensional cities like Chandigarh and Ambala, brings new perspective and unparalleled
opportunities for the overall growth of our students.

We seek to facilitate our students to gain a competitive edge over others in pursuing scientific,technical and professional careers and make outstanding contributions to the performance of their future employers.

I would personally be monitoring the progress of the curriculum to ensure that my students not onlyget the best of education but also gain knowledge and confidence. However, I would like to add aword of advice to you that at this formative stage of your professional career adopt self disciplineand austere mode of life so that they can concentrate fully on their studies and career development.

I hope that with these words you have a feel of our approach towards the development of student’s career. I look forward to meet many of you in the coming days as you firm your decision to invest time and energy in yourself to put your fortune on a global success path….