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Student Speak

The lectures conducted for every course are there to develop in the students the analytical, conceptual, presentation, communication and application oriented skills. The class rooms and lecture halls are well equipped with modern teaching aids like multimedia projectors and computers with Wi-Fi connectivity which help to make teaching more interesting and interactive for students. The simulated teaching software help the student to understand the process in highly visualized form.

Tutorials are the small group teaching methods that give opportunities to the students to talk about material being taught, ask questions and discuss material with their classmates and a designated tutor in a smaller group.

The students are free to ask any questions cropping up in their minds while listening to lectures and attending tutorials and the teachers make sure to answer them in the best way understood by the students.


The practical sessions are ideal testing grounds for students to apply and test the concepts. Modern laboratories and workshops are an integral part of the various departments of institute. Each department maintains its specialized labs, well equipped with modern equipment of industrial standards. For boosting the creativity amongst the students, challenging experiments are designed. The students give presentation on experimental work followed by open house viva in which they have to explain the findings and interpretations.

Cutting edge technology is a significant focus at RDJ. The whole campus is Wi-Fi enabled with high speed internet. All computer laboratories are integrated through LAN.. The machines in the workshops are seen to be believed and most of them have been imported from the best of international vendors.

Communication Lab

Communication Labs meant exclusively for improving the communication/Soft skills of the students are Fully software enabled and equipped with the latest video and audio recording equipment which help in providing practical training to students in communication/Soft skills. The actions of students while speaking or doing any communication activity are recorded by these equipment and later the guide displays all their actions and dialogues and guides them about their core strengths and areas of improvement. Also the students give presentations on experimental work followed by open house viva in which they have to explain their findings and interpretations.

Workshops, Seminars, Guest Lectures and Extension Lectures

Workshops, Seminars, Guest Lectures and Extension Lectures are conducted on all topics to provide a platform for deliberation and knowledge sharing. Best industrial and corporate professionals are brought to the campus to bring the practical and application practices from the actual working environment and give extra input to the students on the current topics as well as the topics which are relevant to their area of specialization.

Unparalleled Campus Infrastructure

RDJ Campus is spread across 79 acres with centrally air-conditioned buildings and pollution free ambience is located in Mohali District only 10 mins away from G.T. Road. The infrastructure is a spectacle to watch with over eight lacs sq. ft. already developed. The campus has separate buildings dedicated to Academic Block, Guest House, Cafeteria, Mechanical Engineering Block, Separate Boys and Girls Hostels, Sports Facilities, Computer Block with over 250 computers, Staff residence blocks.