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Student Speak

RDJ Hostel Rules


  • Students are required to observe strict discipline in the hostels. Any attempt to create disturbance /damage to hostel property/indecent behavior with fellow residents or mess staff/other employees/warden can lead to disciplinary action including expulsion from the hostel suspension rustication from the college.
  • Student (Boys) shall mark their attendance daily between 9 pm to 9.15 pm in the register maintained in the hostel warden
  • Absence without prior permission will involve disciplinary action.
  • There would be no unnecessary movement or playing of games in the corridors .no day scholar is allowed to stay in the college campus after the last college bus leaves the campus and on holidays .any resident sheltering a day scholar will face expulsion from the hostel .Similarly no resident student will be allowed to enter the gate except those who have been allowed by the warden to go outside for a particular purpose and for a particular period and they will be allowed to enter by showing the permission slip and the identity card at the main gate .
  • No outside/non resident student will be stay in the hostels.
  • No female guest is allowed to visit the room of the boys hostel no male guest allowed to go beyond the guest room in the girl’s hostel.
  • Student will not be sitting/playing in the Hostel/Canteen/Lawns during working hours when their respective classes are being held.
  • Students are responsible for glass, electrical and other fittings in their hostel rooms. They will have to pay for any breakage if these fittings .Any student found damaging /breaking hostel property anywhere will incur disciplinary action besides replacement of the property.
  • Student should not posses or operates any electrically operated appliances. No intoxicants weapons/sticks are allowed to be kept/ used in the hostel premises. Loud music is not allowed to played in the hostel. No student will take any vehicle towards /near the hostel area . No mobile phone are allowed inside the college, any student if found these are liable to be confiscated . Students will not plan or participate in strikes /mass cuts or make unnecessary demands. Students are expected to know the facilities /dicciculties at the time of allotment of hostel accommodation. Failure of electric supply or telephone line will not be the cause for missing classes /tests student are expected to make their own arrangements for such eventualities.
  • Student will not directly or indulge in ragging .the concerned student will have to prove innocence in case of any reported incident of ragging ,failing which he/she will face expulsion from the hostel /college.
  • A resident of hostel has to take meals in the mess. He/ she has to pay for the number of diets as per the mess rules framed from time to time.
  • A student who doesn’t actually reside in the hostel without prior permission will lose the right to hostel accommodation, which will be cancelled forthwith besides incurring strict disciplinary action. Mess timings as fixed by the warden time to time will be strictly adhered to. A code of decency will followed in the mess .No MEALS will be served in rooms and no mess utensils are to betaken outside the dinning hall.
  • For availing mess –off ,the student should inform the warden in writing at least 24 hours in advance of the diet from which the off is desired. A minimum of six consecutive diet from which the off is the rebate .the duration of mess off has to be intimated in advance In the absence of any written notice in advance ,no rebate will be allowed.
  • No refund of hostel rent (in full or part) will be allowed after the initial allotment even if the student leaves the hostel of his own or is expelled from the hostel. Hostel security will be refundable only when the student leaves the college.
  • Any student who wants AC facility in the rooms will be charged accordingly.
  • Any difficulty should be promptly reported to the warden/ Attendant/Chowkiddar and students will avoid coming to the Principal directly. Students will not disturb the Principal at night.
  • At the time of admission to the hostel, parents/ guardians should accompany the girl. They should also provide list of the person who are permitted to meet the girl.
  • Only authorized persons can meet the hostlers inside the hostel .Authorized persons can visit the hostlers on Saturdays or Sunday between 10.00am and 5.00pm.
  • Authorized person are expected to fill up the visitors register and also specify the relation with the hostler.
  • Hostellers can meet their guests in the visitor’s room only during the stipulated time.
  • Guests would not be allowed to say in the hostel. Only the mother or sister of the hostler can stay in the hostel for a maximum period of two days.
  • The hostler must be inside the hostel premises by 7.30 p.m. during summers (April-September) and by 6.00 p.m. during (October-March).
  • Hostlers should mark their attendance daily at the stipulated place at the time of attendance.
  • The doors of the hostel will be closed immediately after the attendance. Coming late to the hostel, without prior permission would be considered a serious offence. All hostlers coming late the hostel would mention this facts in the register provide for this purpose.
  • A fine up to Rs. 50/. Would b imposed on any hostlers reaching the hostel after the attendance is over.
  • Hostlers should make it a point to switch off light and fan when they are going out of room .Non-compliance of this rule may result in a fine up to Rs.200/-
  • Day scholars are not allowed to stay in the hostel.
  • Cooking or Keeping gas cylinder in hostel rooms is completely banned.
  • Hostlers are advised not to keep money or jewellery in their rooms. In case of any loss ,its sole responsibility shall lie with the hostlers.
  • No hostler shall be allowed to change the room during the session.
  • All hostlers are expected to maintain proper discipline in the hostel. Any attempt to create disturbance/damage hostel/indecent behavior with fellow residents or employees or warden can lead to disciplinary action.

In case of any infections disease ,the particular hostler can be asked to leave the hostel.